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    In 2009, WeVeel launched Scentos - a new brand combining fun colouring activities, awesome scents, and quirky characters. Scentos started with just a single scented marker, and now WeVeel have created hundreds of scented products for kids and adults alike!

    WeVeel products and scents are designed in the United States. All the scented products feature innovative scent technologies that are independently tested to ensure product quality and safety, and adhere to the highest US and international safety standards.

    Trusted by parents and teachers all around the world, WeVeel products use only non-toxic allergen-friendly fragrances.

    Experience the bright colours, fun faces, and fruity scents of Scentos, WeVeel’s premier collection of scented markers, crayons, coloured pencils and more! Scentos has all the stationery, party, craft, and novelty products your kids will love!

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    Picture of Scentos 16pce Scented Dough Smoothie Shop

    Scentos 16pce Scented Dough Smoothie Shop

    • Scentos
    • Scented Dough - Smoothie Shop
    • 16 Pieces
    • 3 - 2 oz. Scented Tubs
    • 1 Smoothie Maker
    • 2 Extruders
    • 5 Dough Moulds
    • 3 Silly Tools
    • 2 Dough Cups
    • 3+
     Colouring Collection Set

    Scentos 28pce Sugar Rush Scented Colouring Collection Set

    ● Scentos
    ● Scented Colouring Collection - Sugar Rush
    ● 28 Pieces
    ● 10 Colouring Pencils
    ● 8 Chunky Markers
    ● 5 Markers
    ● 2 Twirly  Erasers
    ● 2 Sticker Sheets
    ● 10-Colour Pen
    ● 3+

    Picture of Scentos Box 8 Funny Face Scented Washable Markers

    Scentos Box 8 Funny Face Scented Washable Markers

    • Scented marker pen
    • Funny face design
    • Available in assorted flavours and designs
    • 14cm